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Energetic Restoration

Consultation on a more economical and rational use of energy in buildings is an important help for anyone who owns a house or an apartment and is willing to invest money in energy conservation and the protection of the environment, especially by measures like thermal insulation, the replacement of old heating systems or the usage of renewable energies.

In average, households use up to three quarters of their total energy consumption for heating purposes. A lot of energy could be saved if buildings were provided with better thermal insulation and more efficient heating systems. This is supported by the sponsorship program “Vor-Ort-Beratung” (On-Site-Consultation) offered by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). Energy consultants are associated with architects and can support estate owners with their expertise, informing them about reasonable and economic measures for energetic modernization.

On their respective websites, the BMWi and the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control have published additional information about the sponsorship program (in German language):

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy:

Booklet "Was und wie sanieren?

Booklet 'Vor-Ort-Beratung' für Wohngebäude"

Federal Office of Economics and Export Control:

Entry in German Wikipedia on energetic restoration:

Differential pressure measurement (Blower-Door-Test); definition on German Wikipedia:

U-Value-Calculator, i.e. to comply with statutory minimum vales when working on facades, roofs or ceilings of old buildings: