Architekturbüro Moor 
 ... individuell bauen / gefördertes energetisches bauen/sanieren BEG (KfW & Bafa) / Brandschutzplanungen 

Welcome to our website!

Are you looking for an architect in Kassel or in neighboring areas to plan a building for you? In this case you have come to the right place! Whether you’re planning to build a solid house or a wooden house, an energy efficient and / or barrier-free building suitable for elderly people – We can offer you a substantial and professional consultation for free.

From basic planning over cost controlling to construction management, we offer all kinds of services far beyond the usual architecture office, nationwide as well as internationally.

  • General planning
  • Renovation of listed buildings
  • Barrier-free buildings, wheelchair-accessible, suitable for elderly people
  • Issuing of energy performance certificates for new and old buildings, according to consumption and market needs
  • Energy efficient renovation of old buildings / consultation on-site, including written report as well as a sponsorship possibility for 80 % of the consultation costs (via BAFA)
  • Issuing of thermal insulation certificates in accordance with EnEV
  • Consultation about sponsorship possibilities for new and old buildings, i.e. for reaching the KFW energy-efficiency-house-standard. Among others, you can get a sponsorship for 50 % of the construction planning costs by the KFW
  • Fire protection planning as authorized person
  • Work phases 1 to 8 for external planning offices (freelancers)   
  • Model 3D-Print 
  • Photorealistic 3D-Visualization
  • Illustration of topography and ground level
  • Creation of construction plans and changes in land utilization plans (building planning)
  • Additional services of specialized engineers who have worked with us as close partners for many years

Just give us a call or send us a message. We’re looking forward to your request!

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